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Unlocking the Hidden Potential of eMAR Unlocking the Hidden Potential of eMAR

Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) systems represent a significant leap forward in care technology. By increasing efficiency, enhancing communication, reducing errors, and improving compliance, eMAR systems permit care providers to deliver superior, person-centred care.

However, the offerings of advanced eMAR systems, such as Camascope's, extend far beyond these immediate benefits. They hold a trove of valuable data that when reported upon and analysed, can provide care providers with profound insights into their medication processes. This data can highlight key areas of strength and pinpoint opportunities for improvement, providing a clear roadmap for enhanced patient care. 

Harnessing eMAR reports

eMAR reports can help identify patterns in medication administration and, when analysed and benchmarked against previous data, can provide critical metrics. Through tracking the frequency of missed or delayed medications, care providers can pinpoint medication administration issues and indicate a need for process improvement or staff training.

Reports generated via eMAR also provide a clear and detailed record of which care staff administered what medication and when. This level of transparency ensures accountability among staff and can help identify any issues.

For example, if a staff member is found to have administered multiple medications within an unrealistically short timeframe, it could indicate improper medication processes where medications are being prepared all at once, rather than at the point-of-care with a resident. This is a potential cause of error and regular review of reports can help maintain a high standard of care.

Proactively improving care

In addition, once analysed, eMAR reports can provide insights into the use of different types of medication. For instance, a care provider can generate a report to understand antipsychotic usage in their care homes and determine if there is overuse. Similarly, a care provider can analyse Parkinson's medication (such as Co-beneldopa) to determine if they have historically been administered within the required time window.

PRN reports can also be quickly generated and are particularly useful for tracking the use of these medications. Through analysing these reports, care providers can assess whether PRNs have proven effective for a particular resident and can make necessary adjustments to their care plan if issues arise. For instance, if a PRN medication is frequently requested but doesn't alleviate the resident's symptoms, it may be time to consult with the healthcare provider about alternative treatments. Similarly, within these reports, PRN protocols can quickly be assessed to understand if they are effective and require any improvements.

Stock reports can also prove invaluable and greatly assist care providers in effectively managing their medication inventory.

By providing a detailed and holistic overview of medication stock and actions that affect the stock, care providers can quickly note and rectify any discrepancies and assess which medications are running low or are overstocked.

By closely monitoring stock reports, care providers can optimise inventory management, cut out stock errors and reduce wastage.

eMAR reporting is not just a tool for efficient medication administration but a powerful resource for improving resident care. By utilising these reports' data and insights, care providers can enhance their processes, ensure accountability, and make informed decisions about medication usage and inventory management. As we continue to embrace technology in healthcare, the potential of eMAR will only grow, paving the way for a future where data-driven decisions are at the heart of patient care.

If you’d like to know how Camascope's new eMAR solution can work for your organisation, contact us to find out more.

Robert Livingston
Robert Livingston
Commercial Director
Robert is responsible for Camascope's Sales, Marketing and Business Development functions and works with our care home and remote patient monitoring clients to ensure customer feedback is always fed back into product development
Commercial Director
Robert is responsible for Camascope's Sales, Marketing and Business Development functions and works with our care home and remote patient monitoring clients to ensure customer feedback is always fed back into product development

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